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ID-10060100Gynecomastia can be a condition which makes men feel embarrassed or even depressed. This is because there is an increase in the growth of breast tissue, which can cruelly be referred to ‘man boobs’ and can emasculate some men. It effects up to 70% of young men and 30% of older ones and so is very common but not something that many men like to talk about. Most men think that it is a rare disease and feel like they are the only one affected. It is often caused by a hormonal imbalance and this can be helped by changing what you eat. However, it may be caused by other things such as medication being taken and obesity.

It is always worth talking to your doctor before you change what you are eating. You may feel embarrassed talking to them about the reasons for changing your diet but they may be able to provide you with some additional help and so it could be well worth while. Sometimes the condition is caused by medical problems and your GP will be able to rule these out for you.

Alcohol can be a big problem with gynecomastia. It can change the way that the liver gets rid of oestrogen meaning that too much is left in the body. Also hops in beer can mimic oestrogen which will add to the problem. Therefore cutting down on alcohol or even avoiding it totally could be extremely helpful, especially if you have it often. Replacing it with low or zero calorie drinks could also help with weight loss which could make a difference as well.

Milk and dairy products can contain high levels of oestrogen. These can therefore lead to an abnormal amount in the body which could exacerbate the problem. It can be worth reducing the amounts of milk and other dairy in your diet to see whether it makes a difference. The hormones in the milk could be making the gynecomastia worse which is why reducing the amount that you have as well as other dairy products, could be useful. You could try replacing them with soya, almond or rice milk products or just leave them out totally to see whether they help.

There are some foods which help the body to excrete oestrogen and these include cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli. Calcium and zinc can also be helpful so foods such as oysters, red meat and beans can be helpful. Adding some to your diet each day could be beneficial but it is worth being careful about eating red meats if you have high blood pressure and it is better to find organic grass fed meat if you can. If you have any health problems then again speak to your doctor about it. If you have thyroid problems then be careful having oysters. Avoid soya beans as these have been found to have oestrogen in them but other types of beans should be fine.

Turmeric has also been said to help. It has been found to have many health benefits but clinical trials have not shown that it is effective for helping gynecomastia. You may wish to try it anyway.

It can be difficult making changes to your diet, but if you can see that it is helping then this can be more motivating. It can be worth just changing one thing at a time so that you know exactly what is responsible for the changes that you are seeing.

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