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How to Manage your Gynecomastia Through Exercise – Video Review

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Chest Chiseler Video

There is a selection of ways that are recommended for managing gynecomastia and one of them is exercise. There are many places where you can find advice with regards to the specific exercises that you can do. These include YouTube videos and this article will review one such video.


Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 17.40.13The video can be found here and it includes details of exercises that it claims really work to help gynecomastia. The first exercises that are recommended are inclined bench presses. It explains that these will build up the chest muscles and lift the fat. It will elevate the chest and there will be less sagging. It also says that you will need energy when you are building these muscles and the chances are that they will use the energy from your upper chest in order to do this. There are then tips on a cardio workout explaining that short intense sessions are better because thy will keep the body burning fat in an anaerobic state. By doing more cardio then it will become aerobic and that will exercise the heart, which is obviously good and burn calories but it will not burn the fat.

There is also some information on adding turmeric to your diet, which is obviously not exercise but still of interest. This is an Indian spice which has been shown to burn chest fat. It is explained that this need to be eaten every day but it does not say how much should be eaten. It would also be good to know whether there are any ways to cook it that are more beneficial.

The video actually runs more like a power point presentation with a narrative. It could be better if there was a sequence showing what an inclined bench press is and perhaps something to explain exactly what is meant by intense exercise. These could help you to know whether you are exercising properly as you do not want to waste your time doing it incorrectly. However, it is a short video, which means that if you do not have very much time and just want a few take home facts then this could be for you. You could learn how to make just a few significant changes to your lifestyle which could make a huge difference to your life.

The video is an advertisement for a website called Chest Chiseler which is probably why there is not a great deal of detail in it. The website has a total workout as well as diet and a hormone altering strategy which all together are said to improve the chest muscles and burn the chest fat and increase testosterone. It is worth looking at the video if you want some really quick tips or if you want to know whether the website is the right place for you to find the information that you need. It claims that within a few months you will see a considerable difference in how you look which will improve how you look as well as your confidence.

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