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Man BoobsThe general word gynecomastia, (prounced gyne-com-astia), refers to tender breast tissue grows under the nipples of young males, this happens when there is a hormonal imbalance during puberty and should disappear over time but sometimes they don’t. Some situations gynecomastia is a due to drug, (cannabis, steroids, prescription medication), taking or because of a tumour/disease. If a tumour or disease has caused gynecomastia then it is imperative that a doctor be seen as soon as possible. The above type of gynecomastia is referred to as true gynecomastia. This site is mainly aimed about males who have pseudo gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Treatment
Heavy body weight loss usually results in the chest area with feminine breasts, without treatment which can be taking herbal pills, wearing compression clothes, through surgery or just exercising or coaching then the upper body fat can remain for years and increase over time. Gynecomastia is not a life threatening problem so treatments will not permanently cure and there is a risk of man breasts of re-appearing but regular use of gynecomastia treatments and healthy diets usually prevent future man boob growth. We suggest appetite suppressing treatments with your gynecomastia removal treatment to reduce your need to eat lots which should prevent gynecomastia coming back.

Gynecomastia in Women
It is usual for men to have man breasts which is why it is worth males treating gynecomastia but for women there maybe reason why their breast are too many and there are treatments also available treating gynecomastia in women.

What is Pseudo Gynecomastia?
Pseudo Gynecomastia or sometimes called false Gynecomastia is a term used to describe the abnormal growth of chest fat on males known as man breasts or informally as Man Boobs or Moobs. Pseudo Gynecomastia normally occurs in males when the body is increasing in weight, excess fat gets stored in the chest region of the body and possibly due to fast increase in weight loss leave the cheat fat looking large and noticeable. Though not well known, Pseudo gynecomastia is common among 1 in 4 men and many sufferers in embarrassment in silence by wearing loose clothes and shying away from public.

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